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希望華人癌症關懷基金會  立會宗旨



Mission Statement: 

To Serve Chinese cancer patients and families through

service, education, advocacy, and research.




G Lin – Ironman Western Australia 2015: Dedicate the run to fight cancer

捐款詳情可上網 or call:408-609-3338

廿年的資深義工林文釗之子-Gary Lin鐵人賽十二月六日澳洲鐵人賽—為新希望癌友而“戰”-游泳2.4-mile 自行車112-mile bike, 賽跑26.2-mile. 林文釗也為慶祝自己為癌友服務達廿年,率先捐款$2000元!

Gary Lin

G Lin – Ironman Western Australia 2015: Dedicate the run to fight cancer
After running my first distance race, a 13.1-mile half marathon in 2001, I declared there was no way I could ever turn around and run it again to complete a full marathon. Later, in early 2006, I overcame that mental hurdle and completed my first full marathon. Since that race, it has always been a dream to complete a full Ironman: 2.4-mile swim/112-mile bike/26.2-mile run. This Dec. 6th, I have a chance to realize that dream.

Along the way, I have now completed 5 full marathons, climbed Mt. Rainier, and finished two half-distance Ironmans. And yes, at the end of both of those races I could not fathom doubling the distance. Yet here we are, with 30 weeks of training under my belt, I am as ready as I’ll ever be to conquer this goal.

As many people observe, to participate in these events is to have some deep-rooted neurosis or malfunction — for me it’s having the opportunity to be a finisher. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or how you look when you do it. There are no points for style. It’s all about fighting through to the goal.

It’s ironic that when I asked my mom and dad to be there at the finish line, they felt compelled to discourage me from attempting the race. I refuted this with a quote from a poem my dad likes:

Never say can’t
Said the little bee’s Aunt
Take off and fly
You can if you try
Can’t just won’t do
So he tried and
he flew.

I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to face down a challenge that I did not think I could overcome.

My dad spends a lot of time volunteering for Chinese cancer patients. He sees some metaphors for life in my racing. I can’t pretend that what I face is anywhere remotely close to what patients of New Hope face. But overcoming and exceeding your limitations is something that we should strive for in hobbies, professions, and most importantly in life. It is in this spirit that we would like to ask for your contribution to New Hope. I race on behalf of this organization to raise money for people who are fighting the real fight.

Gary Lin
Not only “relay for life,” the ironman-run is “iron will for life.” Every cancer patient fights to the last ounce of their will and might. Gary will have to do the same on 12/6. The cut off is 17 hours. Most people who do this, quit their jobs and are training for months or years, Gary is working full time at Black Stone.

All money raised will be 100% for NHCCCF to fight cancer. NHCCCF is “New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation.” A 501 c3 Non-Profit organization. Please read more through the link:
Money can be donated through the credit card link below, or by check, to NHCCCF. The ironman-run stretches to the human extreme with the same spirit, courage and determination in fighting cancer. We do not know the end, but we have to try.

We thank you in advance for your support, friendship and partnership as Gary embarks on this Ironman challenge — and for your help in raising financial aid and awareness for this battle against cancer as we celebrate life together.

Wayne Lin

P.S. To mark my 20th year as a volunteer, I will donate $2,000 to remind myself, the fight has just begun.




● 年會精彩回顧與照片分享
● 11/14 教育組系列講座 ─ 癌症的預防和早期檢測   華人常見十大癌症
● 11/21 「當王子遇上精靈」─ “青”音樂系列演唱會第一號 新希望之友購票優惠15%
● 免費乳癌基因檢測資訊
● 11 & 12月份康復活動


Personal and case-specific discussions conducted by Dr. Tai, an experienced oncologist to provide the patients with immediate and appropriate answers to health related questions and concerns.

11/11/2015, 11/18/2015, 12/02/2015, 12/16/2015, 12/30/2015





500 E Calaveras Blvd., Suite 307  Milpitas CA 95035


2015 新希望華人癌症關懷基金會年會”燃起新希望”圓滿閉幕



特別自台灣來擔任主講的台北醫學大學校長閻雲以基因分析癌症源起,深入淺出,有實例有故事,人人都學到了新的醫學知識。他為「南加州華美癌症協會」創辦人、City of Hope 癌症專科醫師,是位對病人非常有愛心和耐心的醫師,著有「希望城的春天:閻雲醫師手札」分享他在陪伴病人和家屬抗癌治癌過程中的感人故事。



2015 感恩年會精彩照片分享
謝幕禮”載歌載舞”編曲 呂惟安。
Andrew Lu is a student at the University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music. He has performed as a flutist with countless ensembles, including the Polyphony Chamber Orchestra and the California All-State Concert Band. Additionally, Andrew has music directed several shows, including The Stinky Cheese Man (Palo Alto High School) and ‘Twas Brillig  (A Theatre Near U). Andrew is an avid arranger and orchestrator, writing arrangements for various instrumentations and styles.


 11-14-2015 星期六
10:00am – 12:00 noon
500 E. CALAVERAS BLVD. #307, MILPITAS,CA 95035 報名408-609-3339
講員簡介:劉淑明,瑞典醫學院博士,UCSF博士后,生物製品公司Senior Scientist,癌症協會義工十多年,社區癌症教育講座講員。

假如您被告知,在未來的二十年裡,癌症的發病率將飆升57%,您不害怕嗎?假如您又被告知,其中50%的癌症是可預防的,您不想知道詳情嗎?來吧,來聽聽我們的劉淑明博士是怎麼說的吧,她將針對十種華人容易罹患的癌症與大家分享。防癌,抗癌,為自己,為家人,為朋友“談癌色變”在現代社會已經不是什麼新鮮詞了, 癌症究竟是什麼呢? 很簡單, 癌症就是一群超常分裂並且可能轉移的細胞, 那為什麼這群細胞會那麼可怕, 它們究竟會給我們的身體帶來什麼危害呢?在這個高科技, 快節奏的社會裡, 面對各種環境污染, 我們罹患癌症的概率有多少? 為什麼每個人的概率又是不一樣的呢? 有沒有可能預防呢? 比如大腸鏡可發現早期息肉, 再比如子宮頸癌疫苗等等; 我們又如何能抓到早期症狀而得到早期診斷呢? 比如乳房自我檢測和mammogram (乳房X顯影);有沒有簡單的血液檢測方法呢? 比如血液PSA(攝護腺特殊抗原)指數; 我們又如何設法早期發現那些“隱形殺手”般的癌症呢? 比如卵巢癌, 肝癌, 肺癌等等。我們將就華人容易罹患的十大癌症用通俗易懂的語言與大家分享有關預防和早期檢測的知識, 把我們的“談癌色變” 轉變為“談癌應變”。



青”音樂系列演唱會第一號 : 當王子遇上精靈,

​新希望之友享有15%折扣,discount code “NewHope”

510 996 2344

“青” 這個字,是知青、清新、創作性的,也有取諧音”輕”的意思。 這個”青” 也意味著傻蝸科技娛樂期望建立一個平台促成更多音樂特質明顯、 有實力的原創歌手, 不受知名度高不高的因素影響而有機會來到美國分享他們的音樂。

黃韻玲和林隆璇老師,是”青”音樂系列第一號組合。無獨有偶, 二位老師也有著類似理念,演唱會以外, 還願意配合開立一場見面會,私下分享與傳授他們是如何寫歌、 如何運用古典的技巧創作流行的音樂…。

北加場 – 
NOV. 21@ 7pm – “當王子遇上精靈” 演唱會
NOV. 22@ 2pm – { 王子與精靈 } 見面會
We accept cash/check/PayPal/credit card | 購票專線:510 996 2344

臉書的粉絲頁 https://www.facebook. com/events/1124361974349158/上面有好多精彩的音樂介紹喔!
免費乳癌基因檢測 截止日期11/30/15

基因檢測公司 Counsyl 和UCSF合作,免費提供灣區十八歲以上的婦女,乳癌基因檢測。如果各位想知道自己是否帶有異常乳癌基因,或女兒想進一步了解自己的基因組合,這是一個好機會。
可以從以下連結中,找到提供免費測試的醫師或診所,請直接預約(依診所規定,或許有掛號費)。或是可以告知你自己的醫生此項消息,由你的醫生主動跟Counsyl 公司聯繫。
Free Inherited Cancer Gene Screening for all Women in SF Bay Area
11 ~ 12月份康復活動

****本季度茶藝班 健康活力班 手工藝班暫停***
週一 書法班           11/9,23    12/7,21      10:30-12:00   Milpitas New Hope Office
週一 美味廚房班       11/2         12/7           10:30-12:00   Fremont Teacher’s Home
週一 卡拉OK班      11/30       12/28        10:30-12:00   Saratoga Teacher’s Home
***三人以上開課***週二 八段錦班     Every Tuesday                   9:30-11:00    Santa Clara Central Park
週二 舞動禪班     Every Tuesday                  10:30-11:45   Milpitas New Hope Office
週二 手工布包班  Every Tuesday                  12:15-1:30    Milpitas New Hope Office  ***四人以上開課***
週三 健身舞蹈班     Every Wed.      10:30-11:45   Saratoga Teacher’s Home
***except 11/25,12/30***
週四 瑜珈班         12/3,10,17,31    10:30-12:00   Milpitas New Hope Office
***Nov. No Class***
週五 手工香皂班  12/18         10:30-12:00   Sunnyvale Teacher’s Home
***Nov. No Class***






11/11/2015, 11/18/2015, 12/02/2015, 12/16/2015, 12/30/2015

  星期三下午  點半到晚上, 在本會新辦公室裡舉行.

地址是 500 E. Calaveras Blvd., #307, Milpitas, CA 95035

辦公室電話是 408-609-3338


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18 年駕駛義工, 張振亞  分享18年義工的心聲



Diamond Sponsor   鑽石贊助  $10,000+  

Alice Wan-Tsen Hsu Foundation/Alice Wan-Tsen Hsu


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